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Are you musically motivated? Are you passionate about performing? Come share your talents on our stage in front of a supportive audience. Fill out the JHCS Booking Form if you are interested in performing at a Jazz Hands Concert Series.


The Jazz Hands Musician's Academy (JHMA) is a musician-focused vocational and integrated employment program that provides comprehensive training tailored towards preparing musicians on the autism spectrum (age 18+) for success in the workplace. Click for more information.


Through the Jazz Hands Work Placement Program (JHWP), Jazz Hands For Autism offers music-related job search and job and internship placement to students and graduates of the Jazz Hands Musicians Academy. Placements include performance gigs, teaching positions, track and composition placements, audio and sound tech positions, and more. For more information, complete this Interest Form.

Meet the Musicians

Exceptional Sounds by Exceptional People
Aaron B
Jazz Pianist & Composer
Enrique Duarte
Electric Guitarist
Miles Keys
Vocalist & DJ
Ruben J
Vocalist, Pianist & Guitarist
King Ali
King Ali
Nick Henry
Dylan Bourne
Dylan Bourne
Vocalist & Contemporary Pianist
Electronic Press Kit
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Jazz Hands For Autism
Exceptional Sounds by Exceptional People

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Play what your heart sings
Founded in 2014, Jazz Hands For Autism is a Los Angeles based 501(c)(3) talent advocacy group and incubator for musicians with autism, providing them with resources that help foster the development of their inner musician and creating pathways where they can use their talents to forge a rewarding career path as a musician.

On May 25th, 2014, we opened our doors as a performance platform for individuals with autism who love music and love performing and we have since grown into a training program and performance scouting provider for musicians with autism. Through the Jazz Hands Concert Series and the Jazz Hands Musician’s Academy we are steering our ship towards inclusion for individuals with autism in the music industry.
Jazz Hands For Autism provides platforms and seeks avenues where musically inclined individuals on the autism spectrum can express and explore their talents.

We are changing the public perception of autism by creating pathways from expression to employment for musicians on the autism spectrum.
We are agents of change: change within the self and change in public perception.

We believe that music and performance are tools that can bridge the gap between neurotypical individuals and individuals with autism. We believe that nurturing the musician within through performance and musical expression, will encourage individuals on the autism spectrum to move beyond their comfort zones and ultimately become advocates of their abilities.

Music unifies. Music empowers.
At Jazz Hands For Autism, We are all about T.H.E. M.U.S.I.C

Teamwork between the individuals on the autism spectrum
Harnessing the self and the talents within by exploring new abilities.
Expression, and freedom with that expression.
Musicians: We believe that those we serve are musicians first, and comes autism second.
Unity: We work to create an atmosphere of unity and equality.
Support: We work to encourage the development of confidence in abilities and talents.
Inclusivity: We ensure that regardless of background, race, ability, etc, that everyone we work with knows their contribution is valued.
Community: We believe in community. We work to create an atmosphere that fosters friendships and camaraderie across the spectrum and with individuals without autism.

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Address: 10880 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 800, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Email: Info@jazzhandsforautism.org